Blend Integration

Blend Integration

Seamlessly integrate Blend and Encompass.

We accomplish full integration through:
  • Real time updating for Disclosure Tracking
  • Routing all borrower communication through Blend to avoid borrower-portal confusion
  • Automatic dynamic mapping of signature points for all of your disclosure documents – even custom docs
  • Maintaining data integrity without manual inspection
  • Full data security via Amazon Web Services

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Data Security
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Our service runs on the secure AWS platform, where encryption is maintained at the highest standards. Additionally, we never store any sensitive data.

Other services can operate through plug-ins which can lack modern security protocols.

Rest assured that we take InfoSec extremely seriously. Even the largest lenders have agreed that our security standards go above and beyond typical requirements.

Disclosures and Documents Passthrough
Use native Encompass to send your disclosures and docs through your point-of-sale system
Automatic Signature Point Mapping
All signature points dynamically mapped, saving you the hassle of manual mapping
Disclosure Tracking
Automatically updates eConsent and Disclosure tracking within native Encompass
Single Portal Experience for Borrowers
Avoid borrower confusion by preventing the use of multiple websites or logins
Auto-pushing of Loans and Documents
Loans started in your POS are automatically pushed to Encompass, including ongoing borrower uploads
Loan Officer, Processor, and Closer Sync
Ability to sync LO’s, Processors, and Closers in Encompass over to Blend
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