Digital Mortgage Solutions

With Digital Mortgage and eClosing being the current buzz words, Mace Innovations is partnering with industry leaders to make having a true digital mortgage accessible to nearly any mortgage company.

Point-of-Sale Integration

Seamless integration for your POS system and Encompass. Improve the borrower experience while keeping the same processes on the back-end. 

  • Disclosure and document passthrough
  • Automatic mapping of dynamic signature points
  • Disclosure tracking updated real-time in Encompass
  • Prevent borrowers from using multiple sites/logins

Optimize and structure workflows for Closers, Underwriting, Processors, Funders, and Disclosure Desk. Allow workers to accomplish multiple functions while ensuring they are following proper protocols.

  • Comprehensive compliance checks with every field
  • Dynamically changing screens provide quick access to relevant forms
  • Real-time error logs to make sure nothing falls through the cracks
  • Improve worker efficiencies by 50% to 100% to increase volume instead of headcount.

Custom Workflows

Velocify/Blend Integration

Integrate your POS and CRM to maximize your borrower pull-through rate! Our system can automate inviting your leads to apply for a loan using a pre-filled Blend application. 

  • You decide which borrowers are automatically invited
  • Lead data is pre-populated, increasing borrower application completion
  • Steamline the application process so leads don’t fall through the cracks