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Software that pays for itself

Guaranteed ROI

Our solutions have saved every client enough money to pay for themselves (usually several times over).

No Contracts

Never worry about over commitment. Our clients use our tools because they work, not because they're obligated.

Monthly Payments

Our subscription services operate month-to-month to keep things simple.

Future Proof

Our most popular tools are web-based. We continually improve our tech with next-gen in mind.

Task Automation

This tool eliminates up to 95% of the time required by automating most of the process. Update hundreds of loans with one click, saving you countless hours. Let Task Automation do the heavy lifting for you!

  • Automate Adverse Action and NOI Processes
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Create a single file for your notices – only hit print once
  • Stop letting actions fall through the cracks

Say goodbye to endless data input! Bulk Updater is designed to eliminate countless hours of tedious data entry by updating thousands of loans in a matter of minutes.

  • Field Level Access
  • Backup and Auditing
  • Web based – no Encompass install required
  • Utilize Field Triggers

Bulk Updater

Document Importer

Our Document Import tool allows you to utilize high-speed scanners and automatically import them into a loan’s eFolder. Documents can even go into specific buckets as needed. 

  • Usable with any scanner
  • Import documents in Seconds
  • Create and save to appropriate eBuckets on the fly
  • Works on any computer, with or without Encompass installed

The hunt is over! Stop hounding your Loan Officers to get status updates on files and instead let Email Automation handle it. Use this service to send notification updates to everyone:

  • Loan Officers, processors, closers, funders, and more.
  • Borrowers/agents loan status updates.
  • Request for Compliance Action:
    • NOI’s
    • Initial disclosures
    • Re-disclosures

Email Automation

Document Exporter

Document delivery made easy. Sub-servicers, investors, and warehouse lenders can have complex document delivery requirements. Document Exporter makes fulfilling these a breeze.

  • Batch export multiple loans with one click
  • Highly customizable export naming
  • Multiple file output methods

Transform the way you monitor locks, find answers, and take action. Secondary Tools is allows you to catch issues before they cost you money.

  • Stop Profit Leakage
  • Stay Informed in real-time
  • Utilize your time more effectively
  • Address Regulatory Compliance

Secondary Tools