Free Stuff

Really – no cost?


You may wonder why we offer certain tools for free when other companies charge for them. Our primary focus is making products that automate high-level processes which saves your company both time and money. With that said, we decided to make our more basic (but useful!) tools available free of charge for the following reasons:
  • We know they play well with other solutions in any environment
  • It allows companies to benefit while learning about our capabilities
  • We didn’t want to charge people for older technology

We plan to release additional complimentary solutions in the future. 

To get started, email [email protected] with your request or questions. Enjoy!

Currently Available Free Tools

Populates fields with information about the current user (personas, user groups, user ID, etc) so you can apply rules conditionally.

Automatically sends a user to a screen or form you choose based on your trigger.

Automatically move loan folders fired by trigger.

Populates fields based on loan opening that you can build triggers around.

Assign roles by trigger.

Read-only mode with conditional rule exclusion.