Bulk Updater

Bulk Updater

See how much money you can save!

The best batch update tool that money can buy.

Familiar with HDMA or Mortgage Call Reports? If you are, you probably wish you weren’t. Reports like these typically require hours or days of manual entry, with employees spending a minimum of 30 seconds per file. With Bulk Updater, you can update dozens or hundreds of loans all with a single file.

What makes ours the best around? If you’ve used a similar tool before, read below to understand why everyone chooses Bulk Updater. 

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Update your loans with confidence. Other batch update tools can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

With the safeguards we’ve implemented in Bulk Updater, you can provide this essential tool to just about anyone and not worry they’re being destructive thanks to our Field Access and automatic Backups.

Speed up the workflow for:

  • Compliance
  • Secondary
  • Funding
  • Accounting
  • Closing
Web based - nothing to install or update
Dismiss the need to update with every Encompass release. Our updates are handled automaticall
Field Access Rules
Grant or deny access to any Encompass field based on user persona.
Backups and Auditing
A backup and results file is created for you with every bulk update. Results can be verified or safely reverted if desired.
Field Triggers
The field trigger option fires all applicable triggers for each field being updated as if you were modifying the loan inside of Encompass manually.
All of the heavy lifting is done by our servers on the AWS platform. Bulk updater securely uploads your update file to our servers, eliminating system delays and issues related to connectivity.
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