Automate the
Boring Stuff

Say goodbye to tedious data entry. Bulk Updater is designed to eliminate countless hours of tedious data entry by updating thousands of loans in a matter of minutes.


Field Level Permissions

You control individuals’ access to loan fields. Rest easy knowing users can only update the fields you specify.


No external software to install or maintain. New updates are handled automatically, dismissing the need to update for every Encompass release. You control who can access bulk updater by username, persona, or user group.

Backup and Auditing

A backup and results file is created for you with every bulk update. Results can be verified and safely reverted if desired.


All of the heavy lifting is done by our servers on the AWS platform. Bulk updater securely uploads your update file to our servers, eliminating system delays and issues related to connectivity.

Field Triggers

The field trigger option fires all applicable triggers for each field being updated as if you were modifying the loan inside of Encompass manually.


We found Mace’s Bulk Updater tool, which gave us the simple user interface, and all the reporting features we wanted, as well as a whole layer of additional security to ensure the wrong fields don’t get updated by the wrong person. These additional features enabled our company to roll out the Bulk Updater to any department who wanted it. And to top it all off, we were able to save quite a bit of money, compared to other tools we were using to bulk update prior to Mace’s Bulk Updater tool.

Corban W. – Product ManagerPrimary Residential Mortgage Inc.

READY? Try It. No Cost!

Example 1: Regulatory Reporting Requirements

Regulatory reports such as HMDA and Mortgage Call Reports (MCR) typically require hours or days of manual entry, with employees spending a minimum of 30 seconds per file. With Bulk Updater, simply generate a report with loans needing revisions, modify the values, and bulk update.

Example 2: Move Loan Folders

Moving files between loan folders is traditionally done in batches of 50, with substantial processing time. Bulk Updater allows you to edit loan folder names on countless loans by uploading an Excel file. We’ve seen over 80,000 loans moved in one bulk update.

Example 3: Adapt to Changes

MCR required new data that was calculated on new loans but already existing loans did not have the proper information. Our clients simply input the calculation in the update file and bulk updated all of their loans in one fell swoop.

We commonly see our clients automate processes by using Bulk Updater to update data for…


Loan purchasing info


Paid MI data for FHA, USDA, and VA


Funded and wire information