Custom Workflows

Increase your volume, not your headcount.

Our Custom Workflows are the ultimate tool to streamline the way you process your loans. Each screen is custom tailored to the specific functions of the employee, meaning all necessary forms and windows are only a click away. 
Fields and forms operate dynamically and are capable of showing real-time errors or missing information. This works so well that you can have workers performing multiple functions and not have to worry about things falling through the cracks.
Up To 50 %
Increased Volume Capabilties


Empower your existing team to handle more volume and perform multiple functions. As your volume increases, Custom Workflows allow you to ramp up processing without having to add headcount.

Optimized workflows for:

  • Closers
  • Underwriting
  • Processors
  • Funders
  • Disclosure Desk



Real-time Data Validation
Data fields that need correction are flagged red to notify the user
Comprehensive Error Checking
Automatic reference list shows users exactly what items are required to complete processing
Dynamically Optimized Screens
Screens, tabs, and forms change depending on the file type. This provides the user the exact resources they need, being accessible in one click instead of several.
Diversify and Cross-train Roles
Because data is validated real time, users are notified when there is an issue with the file. This allows users to complete multiple functions knowing that proper protocol is being followed.
Proven ROI
Why spend money hiring more people when you can have your current team process more efficiently?
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