Document Importer

Document Importer

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Tired of the slow and clunky process that is uploading documents to Encompass? 
Document Importer streamlines this process by allowing you to upload multiple files directly to any loan’s eFolder, into any bucket, from any computer, with or without Encompass. 
Think of this tool like a mailman. Hand over your document and our tool will make sure it gets delivered to the right location (loan) and right person (bucket).
Sound too good to be true? It really is that easy – start your free trial today!
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Implementation Strategies:

  1. Utilize a shared network folder as the designated file location. This allows file uploads by anyone, anywhere.
  2. Creating short codes for commonly used buckets. Save even more time by having documents go exactly where you want them.
  3. Can’t access Encompass? No problem! Use Document Importer to queue up uploads so you can still get work done.
Short Code Mapping
Reduce rescans and stop errors. Files automatically go to the loan folder and specific bucket if desired.
Web based
No SDK install required. Web interface allows configuration and access to history
Works with Any Scanner
Utilize high-speed scanners and quickly get documents into the eFolder within Encompass.
Upload History
Real time view of documents uploaded and their details. Searchable and exportable.
Receive success / error confirmation emails on every upload. No files will slip through the cracks.
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