Instant Quote

Instant Quote

Real-time rates and fees. Apply now!

By providing your applicants with accurate real-time information, they can make an informed decision more quickly and you’ll see an increase in qualified applications.
This online tool is white-labeled to match your branding and can quickly be inserted on your site to start directing new borrowers into your application process.
Loan Officer referrals can also be passed to your point-of-sale to properly assign the LO. Provide realtors with a link that helps funnel new business to your loan officers.

Uses your existing rates in Optimal Blue

Seamlessly direct your applicants to your online application point-of-sale or LOS.
Certified Partner

Your Rates and Fees – 24/7

Instant Quote allows for custom Loan Officer links which can be given to referral partners, who then have pricing at their finger tips.

Empower your clients with real-time and accurate pricing information. Quickly guide them to your application portal once they’ve selected their preferred APR or payment.

By providing this information, your applicants will feel more confident and you’ll see increased mortgage applications across the board.

Stop letting applicants slip through the cracks – give them the information they want now and close more loans!


Web Based
Our service requires no install or manual updates
White-labeled and Utilizes Your Domain
Match your branding to streamline your application flow while keeping things in-house
Loan Officer Custom Links
Unique links to provide your referral partners so LO’s are properly credited for applications
Showcase Variable Rates
You determine which rates to show based on your Optimal Blue data
Data Security
Our service runs on the secure AWS platform to eliminate any concern over keeping your data secure
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