Secondary Tools

Stop leakeage. Increase profits. Take Action.

Revolutionize your Lock Desk. Secondary Tools allows you to monitor your locks by staying informed in real-time. 
Never worry about inaccurate disclosures again and speed up your loan process. Real-time data allows you to remove lock reviews with confidence.

Whether it be related to the loan scenario or the charges/credits to the borrower, Secondary Tools will stop this leakage and reduce your overall origination costs.

Stop Profit Leakage
Identify and prevent leakage in real-time and stop disclosing loans inaccurately.
Stay Informed in Real-time
Never miss a re-price. Appraisal comes in low? Know immediately if the loan needs to be re-priced.
Spend Your Time Where It Matters Most
Real-time data means you can remove lock reviews from your loan processes.
Address Regulatory Compliance
Historical pricing exception request data keeps you ahead of Fair Lending.
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