Task Automation

Task Automation

See how much money you can save!

Automate your goodbye letters, NOI, and more!

Accomplish high levels of automation on processes that take hours. To get started:
  • Create a pipeline view
  • Tell us which actions to perform
  • We automate the entire process
  • Once automated, you only have to click a button to watch hours of work performed in minutes!
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Task Automation eliminates up to 95% of the time required to complete tasks.

Why spend hours repeatedly performing the same functions when you can instead click one button?

Accelerate Productivity
Update hundreds of loans with one click and print one bundle of notices.
Address regulatory compliance with confidence
Data driven automation ensures files don’t slip through the cracks and improves your loan data.
Deliver a positive compliance experience
Originators can provide necessary information on their schedule while maintaining compliant timeline requirements.
Time is money
Working smarter and maximizing every hour eliminates more than 75% of the cost per file these regulatory requirements require.
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