Velocify Integration

Velocify to Blend Integration

Automatically send leads a pre-filled Blend application!

Our integration automates the process of taking leads within Velocify and using that data to create a pre-filled Blend application and inviting borrowers to complete the rest.
By streamlining this process for new applicants, you’ll see an increase in completed application submissions.
Make sure no lead is slipping through the cracks by getting the most of your application process.

Invite all the leads you want!

During the setup process of our integration, you tell us exactly how and when you want leads to be invited. Our system will automatically export these leads to Blend and create applications populated with the customer data. 

From there, the prospective borrower will receive an email inviting them to complete the application. With sections of the application pre-filled for the borrower, it improves the chances of completion and you will see an increase of applications submitted.

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