Increase your volume, not your headcount.

Our Workflow solution is the ultimate tool to streamline the way you process your loans. Each screen is custom tailored to the specific functions of the employee, meaning all necessary forms and windows are on one screen. 
Fields and forms operate dynamically and are capable of showing real-time errors and missing information. You will see a substantial speed increase because you don’t have to load forms when jumping back and forth, adding up to significant time savings.

Create your own rules on the fly!

Daily Per Underwriter
Over 0 Files

Companies using our workflow are archiving over 8 loans per underwriter daily! This is significantly higher than the industry average of 2.3 loans.
Enable your team to handle more volume and perform multiple functions. As your volume increases, Workflow allows you to ramp up processing without having to add headcount.
Optimize workflows for:
  • Disclosure Desk
  • Processors
  • Underwriting
  • Funders
  • Closers

Disclosure Desk

  • Ensure 100% compliance, allowing LO’s to send disclosures
  • Allow for automating sending of disclosures when file is ready
  • Disclosure Desk can consist of 1-2 people regardless of volume


  • Ensure processors are submitting perfect files to UW
  • Maintain consistency for every file


  • Over 8+ files a day per underwriter
  • Maximize your volume without adding additional staff
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